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Aquabalancing individual treatment
unites the effects of touch with awareness and the relaxing effect of warm water. The treatment releases tensions, no matter what their origins are, increases the mobility of the joints and stimulates the coordination of the nervous system. In the absence of the gravitational pull on the body the treatment does not arise the usual resistance in the body. The treatment feels very soft and calming. It is an excellent way to work with pains. Read more  

Aquabalancing group relaxation
Aquabalancing provides tools for groups to experience relaxation in water to the degree that tensions melt away. The first step is to become friend with the water. The trust of the element increases peace, calmness and relaxation. The same degree of relaxation and recuperation is rarely achieved on dry ground. Read more  

Aquabalancing workshops and training
In the basic workshop you learn to relax. The voice under the water relaxes the whole body and you learn how to take each others under the water. This gives a new understanding of the mechanics of floating. You learn about the relaxing and calming effect of the water through your own experience. The workshop qualifies you as an Aquabalancing Group Instructor. You can use the material you learn as a part of any water exercises or as an art of its own.
The advanced workshop teaches the basic of individual handling. The handling comes easy as an extension of the basic workshop. The treatments, which you receive and give during the workshop, increase your capacity to listen to the sensations of your body. This gives the quality of the touch to listen not only with your hands but also with your whole body.
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